Auto Start & Remote Car Starters

At Valley Reconditioning, we offer multiple remote starter options at a great price. We use Compustar modules and wire harnesses with the remotes below. Price includes installation.


Auto Starts include both Remote and Drone


FTX Remote Kit

  • 2-Way LED Command Confirmation
  • Includes (1) 2-Way LED 1-Button Remotes
  • up to 2-Miles of Range
  • Spread Spectrum (SS)
  • 3-Year FTX Remote Warranty

FT-7 Series Systems can be installed on all vehicle types: automatic, manual-transmission, diesel, luxury, and more vehicles.



  • Compatible with over 90% of vehicles on the road
  • AT&T 3G Telematics + GPS Module
  • GPS Tracking - Locate your vehicle using DroneMobile Maps*
  • Curfew Alerts - Monitor after-hours driving*
  • History Log - Review past activity/alerts
  • Maintenance Reminders - Set mileage-based service reminders*
  • Points of Interest - Receive alerts when exiting/entering an area*
  • Push Notifications - Receive alerts via smartphone or e-mail
  • Compatibility: Compustar, Arctic Start, FTX, iDataStart systems

* requires a Premium plan.

$650 + plans starting at $59.99 / year 



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